Artist’s Statement  

My artwork is characterized by the use of dramatic light, and atmospheric scenes inspired by the “Old Masters” Caravaggio, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Diego Velazquez. My art includes themes, such as love, religion, innocence, malice, social problems, life and death. To accomplish these themes, I portray a vision of humanity that allows for an involvement of emotions, which I believe makes the image more vivid. So far my use of light and color might result in the viewer recognize familiar faces and figures in my artwork. Yet figures I use may not resemble the most aesthetically-beautiful people, but they may depict other people who are marginalized or obscured in society. Through painting, drawings and woodcuts I want to create narratives and tell stories about human experiences where the viewer can identify with the image in pictures. My goal as an artist is to impact people emotionally, causing them an emotional self- examination.
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